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Questions asked about the wearable VR system: Please find below. - VR Days 2016  
What is unique about this backpack VR system?
     1. It uses desktop-grade components, not mobile-grade. This allows performance to be much higher.
     2. Components, such as the graphics card, are user upgradeable.
     3. It is 4K VR ready: It can drive the next generation VR headsets with higher resolution displays.
     4. The battery packs are hot swappable, allowing for an unlimited playing time.
     5. The battery packs use widely available 18650 cells.
What are the CPU, GPU and PSU specifications?
     CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0 GHz (Max Turbo Frequency 4.20 GHz)
     GPU: Gigabyte GeForceŽ GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming 8G
     PSU: 500 Watt battery powered DC power supply unit
What is the weight of the backpack computer system?
     About 8 kg.
What's the weight of one battery pack?
     900 g.
How much power is in one battery pack?
     170 Wh.
How many battery packs can be connected at the same time?
How long does it take to charge one battery pack?
     One hour.
Can the system run on an external (AC) power source, at full power?
How much does it cost?
     That is to be decided.
How long do the batteries last?
     It depends on the application you run. If running Windows and not doing anything else, one battery pack will last for hours. Running the Heaven 4.0 benchmark test and using CPU and GPU at maximum performance will deplete one battery in about half an hour. We will supply benchmarks later and we'll also test how long you can play Space Pirate Trainer.
Can you give some benchmarks?

Benchmark Settings Results  
Unigine Heaven 4.0 1920x1080, 8xAA, fullscreen, Ultra, Extreme, Direct3D11 Score = 2900 / FPS = 115.1 stock settings, without optimization!
3DMark Fire Strike 1.1 Normal @ 1920x1080 17852 Better than 97% of all results!
3DMark Fire Strike Extreme 1.1 Extreme @ 2560x1440 9994 Better than 88% of all results!
3DMark Fire Strike Ultra 1.1 Ultra @ 3840x2160 5387 Better than 77% of all results
3DMark Sky Diver 1.0 Normal 37918 Better than 98% of all results!

Can you make it smaller?
     Yes, we're working on that.
US Patent Pending?
     Yes. We have several US patents pending on the wearable computer system, the quick swappable battery packs and battery management system.
Is the case RF shielded? I don't want radiation through my body.
     Yes, it is. Only the areas where antennas are placed are 'RF open'.
What if I have another question?
     Send us an email at
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